The Way Down Payment Assistance Should Be

Get your clients up to$6,950 in down payment assistance.

Help More Of Your Buyers Buy Their Next Home

  • Up to $6,950 in grant moneyYour clients can use the money for down payment, closing costs, or buying their rate down

  • Personal consultation and strategyWe'll review your client's financial situation and strategize how they can leverage real estate to grow their wealth

  • The best rate and term for your clientYour clients will receive the best mortgage for their specific situation and goals

Give your clients 6,950 reasons they should with you.

The $6,950 Is Just The Beginning…

One of the most effective ways to build wealth is through real estate. From appreciation to tax benefits to cash flow, real estate has it all. Every approved loan officer with Home Savings Fund has built long-term wealth through real estate investing. We can do the same for your clients. Together we’ll identify their financial goals, create a strategic plan, and then consistently implement the plan to get you them there.

Ready to help your clients buy their next home?

We’ve Partnered With IntroLend

Transparent costs are key to a successful real estate transaction. With IntroLend, our team can effectively quote rates and offer down payment assistance to help your clients feel confident in their buying decision while also making you more money.

While we can work with any and all clients, our team specializes in first-time home buyers, self-employed clients, and investors.

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