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Do I need to repay the grant money?

No, you will not have to repay the grant money at any time.

What are the requirements to receive the grant money?

There are a few requirements you'll need to meet, including:
*Meet with and do your loan with a participating loan officer.
* Work with an approved real estate agent
* Do not sell or refinance your new home purchase during the first 6 months of ownership.

Who are the participating loan officers?

We partner with the mortgage brokers at Trillion Mortgage.

Who are the approved real estate agents?

The agents currently approved are:
* Scott Broussard
* Jenn Bain
* Beckie Herring
* Chase Hartvigsen
Don't see your preferred agent? Let us know who they are and we'll reach out.

If my agent isn’t on the list of approved real estate agents, can I still use him / her?

Although we prefer partnering with one of our approved real estate agents, we are open to adding more agents to our list. If you’d like to continue working with your agent, have them reach out to them and we’ll set a call to talk with them.

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