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First-Time Homebuyers Down Payment Solutions in Utah

Buying a home can be quite a big investment, which is why Home Savings Fund is here to do everything we can to help lessen this burden. For those who are unable to afford to put a down payment on a new home, there are several first-time homebuyer grants available both from Utah and federal government in the United States.

Some of the most common of these are low down-payment options and grants, such as:

      • VA Loans: The Department of Veterans Affairs, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, offers zero down-payment options for first-time homebuyers that qualify.
      • Conventional Loans: Although rarer, there are conventional loan agencies that offer lower down payments to those with good credit, sometimes as much as 3% of the required 20% of the overall list price of a home.
      • FHA Loans: The Federal Housing Authority offers first-time homebuyer down payment grants and loans in Utah for as low as 3.5% to those who qualify.
      • Utah Grants & Assistance: For Utah first-time homebuyers, there is a variety of grants and federal assistance available, such as financial assistance from the Community Development Corporation of Utah (CDCU).

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If you’re concerned about having enough money to make your first-time homebuyer down payment for a new Utah home, we can help. Home Savings Fund is a registered non-profit whose sole mission is to help homebuyers just like you find funds to manage closing costs, moving expenses, home appraisals, and more.

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