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How Much Money Do You Need for a Down Payment on a Utah Home?

Financial matters can be complicated, especially when it comes to buying a home for the first time. There is a lot of misconception surrounding how much Utah first-time homebuyers need to invest as a down payment. As one of today’s leading assistance programs, the team from Home Savings Fund is here to shed a little light on the matter. Here…

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Can I Receive Utah Down Payment Assistance During COVID-19?

In the past year, as a result of the pandemic, the need for mortgage loans has risen and some aspects of the housing market have changed. This is because some lenders are taking precautions to protect themselves in the case of future financial losses. However, there are still a lot of Utah down payment assistance programs available for those who…

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Can a Mortgage Down Payment Be a Gift?

Can a Mortgage Down Payment Be a Gift? When it comes to purchasing a home, it’s a big investment, no matter how wealthy you are. Often, first-time homebuyers need some additional down payment assistance to make the down payment on their home. That’s why Utah’s Home Savings Fund offers down payment grants for those in need. However, if you’re curious…

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What is Down Payment & How Does it Work?

What is Down Payment & How Does it Work? Buying a home for the first time can certainly be an exciting experience. But for some, it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to financial details like down payments and loans. However, that’s no reason to despair. The professionals from Home Savings Fund understand that with down payment solutions,…

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